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      Tourism in Kargı

      Cute district Kargı is a unique paradise on earth with its interesting natural beauty, tablelands and everything pertain to wildlife. Kargı is appropriate for tableland and nature tourisms. You can see many recreation areas and spring water in forest land.

      Spring water in forest is cold and fresh water. Especially to get rid of hot summer days, people, living in this area, make anywhere near spring water source a recreation area.

      Recreation Area in Kargı

      Recreation Area in Kargı

      Tablelands and natural beauty of Kargı have tourism potential. Especially in summers, most of local community move to tablelands and live there between May and October months. In hot summer days, they live in cool tablelands, produce animal products and famous "Kargı Tulum Cheese".

      In recent years, people move to their village from big cities and spend their holiday there. In the meantime, they make benefit of fresh air, organic animal and vegetative production, natural beauties and they fulfill acquaintances's longing.

      In summer, they attend tableland festivals, recreation activities, concerts and greased wrestling.

      Recreation Activities in Kargı

      Recreation Activities in Kargı

      In this year, as a new type of tourism, potential of mountaineering shows up. A group -came with mountaineering association organisation- climbed to Karakise Rock in district center.

      Consequently, our district is a place that has a high tourism potential with its forests, mountains, tablelands, natural beauties, tableland festivals in summer and fair at the end of October.


      * Text and photos -published in this page- are quoted from the work named "Dünden Bugüne Kargı" by the permission of Kargı Municipality, translated and optimized.

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