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      Kadriye Hatun Mausoleum

      That mausoleum is near Çetmi Tableland. One day seven saints -came from Buhara- stay near Çetmi Tableland. They continue to their prayers everyday. While they pray, pine trees there prostrate, too. A woman -named "Kadriye Hatun"- see that interesting case. She goes to her village and tells what she sees. But villagers don't believe in her. Moreover they think the woman is crazy. No more person but her sees that case.

      One of these days, when pine trees prostrate, she put her head scarf on the tree. Then she says her husband that tree.  They go there and her husband sees her head scarf on tree branch which she can't reach. So he believes in her. After Kadriye Hatun died, her grave dug there. Her mausoleum is there, too.


      * Text and photos -published in this page- are quoted from the work named "Dünden Bugüne Kargı" by the permission of Kargı Municipality, translated and optimized.

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