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      Bunsuz Dede Mausoleum

      This Mausoleum is in the hill at the South of Kargı Tableland. There is a flower named "Bunsuz Flower" in the same hill. A rumour has it that Koyun Baba in Osmancık, Şandır Baba and Bunsuz Dede are brothers. These three brothers decided to throw stones to specify where they would be buried after they died. Firstly, Koyun Baba throws the stone and stone fell in Osmancık. Şandır Baba's stone fell in  mountainside of Avşar Mountain. They were buried Osmancık and mountainside of Avşar Mountain. But Bunsuz Dede was buried in the Hill of Kargı.

      And another rumour has it that they were six brothers and their graves are different places in Kargı.


      * Text and photos -published in this page- are quoted from the work named "Dünden Bugüne Kargı" by the permission of Kargı Municipality, translated and optimized.

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