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      Recipe of Tarhana

      Initially "düzgün" of tarhana is prepared. Düzgün is a mixture contains yoghurt, onion, garlic, hot pepper, tomato, parsley, mint, dill, basilicum and salt. Leave this mixture for a week. A week later, knead düzgün and flour, leave it again for fermentation. In a sunny day, dry it with sunlight and sift and pulveris it eafter dried. After all these operations, keep it in cloth bags. Preparation of Tarhana is difficult so people keep together and help each other. Fresh Tarhana is very delicious. In Kargı, Tarhana is one of the most important meals.

      Recipe of Tarhana Soup

      Put several spoon of Tarhana, some oil, tomato sauce, minced meat and water in a cooking pot. Stir it until it boils. It's ready to have. Enjoy your meal!

      Tarhana of Kargı

      Tarhana of Kargı


      * Text and photos -published in this page- are quoted from the work named "Dünden Bugüne Kargı" by the permission of Kargı Municipality, translated and optimized.

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