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      Kirli Sac

      "Kirli Sac" is diced lamb fried on iron plate. It's cooked in bread bakeries. Generally it's prepared by men.

      Sac (iron plate) -which is taken from butcher or baker- is put into the oven by putting water in. When water is boiled iron plate is washed. Eggplants, onions, tomatoes, green pepper -several of them are hot- and 2-3 cloves of garlic are chopped up. While buying meat, it's necessary to say to the butcher that it's prepared for "kirli sac". All vegetables and meat are put into the iron plate. But pay attention to that meat must cover vegetables. It's cooked in one or one and half hour.

      If you go to Kargı some day, don't forget to eat "Kirli Sac". No problem if you don't know how to prepare it. Any butcher you go will prepare it for you. And Enjoy Your Meal!

      kirli sac

      Kirli Sac


      * Text and photos -published in this page- are quoted from the work named "Dünden Bugüne Kargı" by the permission of Kargı Municipality, translated and optimized.

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